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Indices are the measurement of the price execution of a gathering of shares from an exchange. For instance, the FTSE100 traces the 100
most prominent organizations on the London Stock Exchange. Trading Indices permits you to get an introduction to the whole economy at
once, just by opening a solitary position.

Over a Dozen Basket of Indices to choose from Trade with the world’s most active stock indices including NAS100, SPX500, and US30

Indices Trading Products Specification
TypeInst. Currency PairsDescriptionContract Size (1 Lot)Min. Trade SizeDigitsMargin PercentageSwap LongSwap ShortSpreadTrading Session (Server time)
IndicesAUS200(S&P ASX)100.01 lot20.50%-820Floating00:05 -23:55
IndicesESP35IBEX HK 35 INDEX100.01 lot20.50%-690Floating00:05 -23:55
IndicesEUSTX50EURO STOCK 50 INDEX100.01 lot20.50%-240Floating00:05 -23:55
IndicesFRA40CAC 40 INDEX FRANCE100.01 lot20.50%-350Floating00:05 -23:55
IndicesUK100UK TOP 100100.01 lot20.50%-710Floating00:05 -23:55
IndicesGER30DAX GERMANY100.01 lot20.50%-81.30Floating00:05 -23:55
IndicesJPN225NIKKEI 225 INDEX JAPAN1000.01 lot20.50%-10Floating00:05 -23:55
IndicesNAS100NASDAQ 100100.01 lot20.50%-510Floating00:05 -23:55
IndicesSPX500S&P 500 INDEX100.01 lot20.50%-7.2-22.3Floating00:05 -23:55
IndicesUS30US TOP 30100.01 lot20.50%-20.40Floating00:05 -23:55
IndicesHKG50HANG SANG INDEX HONG KONG100.01 lot20.50%-28.343.27Floating00:05 -23:55
FuturesCOPPERComex Copper Futures1.01 lot40.50%00Floating01:00-24:00
FuturesDOLLARDollar Index Futures1 = 100 underlying.01 lot30.50%0-1.7Floating01:00-24:00